Nice Custom Signs for Offline Marketing

Tips For Designing An Attractive Custom Sign For Your Business

We spend a lot of time working on on-line marketing, but sometimes off-line marketing needs to be discussed because it is all connected. If they find you online, but then can’t find you physically and you need them to arrive physically to make the business transaction, then your digital marketing would be wasteful.

Many business owners make the mistake of overlooking one of their most powerful advertising tools – their business sign. An attractive, well-designed sign can make a world of difference in the overall image that your company portrays to the outside world. Additionally, by making your sign as eye-catching as possible, you can help bring more customers through your door. If you wish to hire an expert we recommend Dallas sign company Turner Sign Systems. The following tips for designing an attractive custom sign for your business should help you create a sign that gets noticed:

1. Choose the right size. If your sign is too small, it will be hard for people to see. Along with being large enough to be visible from far away, it should also be placed high enough above the ground that it can be seen from nearby roadways. Think about where the majority of your potential customers are going to be.

For instance, if there is a busy street that passes by your business, you will probably want to make your sign visible from this street. Alternatively, if your business is located off of a major highway exit, you may want to make your sign large enough to be seen from the highway. If you work with a qualified sign shop, they should be able to advise you as to the best size for your store sign based on your location.

2. Take advantage of contrast. By creating a sharp contrast between dark values and light values in the design of your sign, you can help the text stand out more so that it can be seen from further away. Ideally, you should have light-colored letters on a dark background or vice versa so that the text can clearly be seen without blending into the background.

3. Choose a font that is easy to read. Although it may be tempting to go with a decorative font for your sign, it is usually a better option to choose a standard font that is easy for people to read. You don’t want potential customers to have to struggle to make out what your sign says. Instead, they should be able to read it at a glance as they pass by your store.

4. Pick a bold color scheme. If you already have colors for your business, you should use them for your sign as well. However, if you are just in the process of choosing a color scheme for your business, you may want to think about going with something bold. If your sign incorporates bright colors, it can stand out from other nearby businesses. Alternatively, try choosing a color that not every other business in your area is using. For instance, if all of the neighboring businesses have red, yellow, and blue in their signs, you may want to make your sign green instead.

Designing an attractive custom business sign takes a lot of careful thought and consideration. As long as you focus on making the sign as easy to read and eye-catching as possible, it should help bring more customers into your business.

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