A Basic Social Media Strategy

Like it or not, social media has become a part of our lives.  We use to connect with family, friends and even our customers.  We share the things that we like and sometimes we even judge one another.  What it does do is give us a continual supply of information by way of tweets, photos, videos, and posts.  A basic social media strategy can help shape your success

Because social media is so integrated into our lives it has become a valuable tool in our digital marketing arsenal.  If you understand how it works it can become a flood of leads for your business.  Get it wrong though, and you’ve not only wasted some time and energy but also damage other marketing efforts.  Here are some basics do’s and don’ts to get the most from social media marketing.

1. Market on the Right Platform

In order to make the most of social media you need to first know your target customer. Once you understand your target customer you will know where to find them. For example, you will reach executives on LinkedIn but you will reach millennials on Snapchat and you will reach mothers of young children on Pinterest. While at the same time most business owners choose to use Facebook where the reach is absolutely terrible. Know your audience and pick the right platform.

2. Stop Posting Boring Content

Posting nothing but links to your website or your latest blog article is incredibly boring and social media users have become immune to those posts. Social media is the opportunity to get both personal and incredibly creative. Post a joke, a comment on the weather, run a poll do something other than the usual “were having a sale” post.

3. Social Media Advertising

Every social media platform offers advertising opportunities that you need to look seriously at. If you have a good grasp of who your audience is social media lets you target adds right to them. No other advertising medium is anywhere near as effective. They make it incredible easy to measure your results and tweak your campaigns as you go along.

4. Manage Your Reputation

You can’t please everyone and at some point you will get some negative feedback. Ignoring them doesn’t work and they have a tendency to multiply if you do, so you need to handle every complaint that comes your way. Handle it like an adult. While you may never make the original customer happy you can impress others by the way you manage a difficult customer.  This is an example of what you NEVER, EVER do.

5. Interact with the Audience

Nobody likes being ignored so if someone comments on your page then make sure you reply. Encourage comments and asking questions anything that interacts with your followers. If this isn’t your strong suit then work with a digital marketing agency that can help you with this.

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